Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 2 from the CCM -- "Intermedio"

Wow, I've been gone for 2 weeks now and it is crazy how the time has flown by! I miss all of you guys so much and it is so hard not to think about just going home and seeing all of you guys again.

My time here is just 6 weeks so I am a third of the way done here at the CCM (MTC for Spanish areas) and I am now considered an "intermedio" and not a "greenie" or "principante." So I am in the middle of the chain here. Lots has happened this week but again I only have an hour to write all of you guys so I apologize if I don't get to you. But I love all of you guys so much.

First Spanish is going fine as expected. Most of the grammar is still review but I am learning a lot of new vocabulary and lots of ways to teach the gospel lessons. Almost every day we have to teach these fake investigators to try and teach them the gospel, and it is really hard to do. Especially in Spanish. I'm getting some of the basic lessons on prayer and the Restoration down fairly well. Also this week, we got to go and proselyte in Lima--like actually going to do street contacts and teach less active members. So we load up on a bus and drive to a church building like an hour away and go with church members there to visit less active families. It was so awesome getting out there and teaching actual lessons that I prepared in Spanish and see people enjoy what I said. That was just so cool to experience.

Our district of ten guys is doing pretty well too. Some are a little troublesome but we all get along so well and just love to have a good time together. Also, the four roommates that my companion and I had left to their missions on Tuesday so we got some new roommates. The difference is, we got two Latino roommates who don't speak any English. So it has been hard communicating with them, but I have already picked up so much from all of them. It will be hard but they are only here for the next two weeks.

Another thing is that we have been able to see many devotionals through broadcast from the Provo MTC throughout this week. We heard from Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard just this week. Too bad they don't come to Peru to see us. Oh well. They shared some awesome thoughts with all the missionaries.

Days here have gotten so much faster and the time seems to speed up each day. Some days do get long with grammar classes all the time and studying all the time. But I know this is where I am supposed to be. Food is just about the same with all the chicken, rice, eggs, and rolls. Seems like that's all I eat which is true. But I buy snacks from the store to get a variety each week.

Finally I got to go to the temple again today and partake in another endowment session. I just love being able to go each week. It's such a blessing. Then after the temple we walk about 15 minutes to the store down the street (which is like a normal grocery store) and get snacks and drinks. We also stopped by a shop and got really cheap soccer jerseys. It's just so awesome knowing that I can get so much stuff for that cheap. Everything is pretty cheap.

Well, I'm hoping this next week is another awesome week here at the CCM. I love all of you guys so much and I just love getting your emails, so hard to respond to all of them but it is nice. I just want to let you guys know that I do know that what I am doing is right and that prayer has helped me so much here, and I appreciate all the prayers because I can definitely feel them. Talk to all you guys next week.