Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 88 - The elder Elder

I cant even keep track of the day anymore, the days are going by so fast here in Puno. It's crazy, I never really think about how I am one of the older missionaries in the mission, but now it's hitting me. I remember when I was in my training and I looked at all the Elders and Sisters that had 1 year or 1 1/2 years in the mission like....wooooow!! haha But now I'm one of those people. Now my responsibility to help those that are starting and are learning. Its just crazy to think of how fast everything has gone, but the change and the progress that I have seen in me. My testimony is much stronger, I now speak another language, Ive seen so many miracles, and really grown to love others like Christ did and understand more of his Atonement. Now dont think that Im trunky, as they say here in the mission, we are working hard here in Huajsapata and I love the work. I have plenty of time left to see many more miracles and help those children of God that need my help. 

This week was another successful week for Elder Yepez and I, we are working very well together and seeing lots of progress. Elder Yepez is a champ, love this kid, he works so hard here and lots of the progress comes from his hard work. But we have found a lot of new people lately, but we have to keep working with them to see how they will progress, but we are literally having full lesson days almost every day. We love it!! Now there isnt that awkward....What do we do? moment as missionaries. Great news with Ivan, he has accepted and we are planning now his baptism for May 28th, next Saturday. This kid is awesome, we taught him about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom and it was no problem for him to accept all the invitations. We are just so happy to see him be so excited for his baptism and is progressing even more each week. We have been seeing lots of progress with a less active sister, Antonia, who's son just got his mission call, and she is doing super well. She is coming to church, loving the lessons we teach, and doing everything she can to come back to church to help her son too. So, overall the work is going strong in our ward, but we still need to get better on a lot of things in these coming weeks. 

Like I said before, 2 young men got their mission calls this week and found out where they will be going to serve for 2 years. One is going to Colombia and the other here in Peru in Lima. It brought back a lot of feelings of when I opened my letter almost exactly 2 years ago! But it made me think of what I have done to use all of my time here in the mission and serve the Lord, hopefully I can keep it up and even make is better in these last few months. Well, hope you all have a wonderful week full of blessings from the Lord!! Love you guys!!

Elder Shoaf

1. Saying goodbye to Jardy or Elder Rojas now, as he left to go serve his mission in Argentina last week. 

2. Eating with the Bishop's family, Bishop, his wife Yenny, Odey, Wendy, Jencro, and these guys.