Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 5 from the CCM

Hey everyone!!

Cant believe it has been 5 weeks here at the CCM and that this is my last week of training before I go out into the field in Cusco. I am just so excited to go and do all the things that the Lord wants me to do!

Well, this week wasn't too crazy or exciting. First I need to explain about conference last weekend because I forgot for some reason last week. Lol But conference was amazing and I just loved hearing from all the prophet and apostles! My favorite talk was Bednar's talk at the very end about sharing the gospel with others because it is just so important to me and such a blessing to have.

I learned a lot about sharing my thoughts to all you and just wanting you all to know how important this work and this mission is for me. You all have been a great support, and I hope you can feel the love that I have for this church. Other topics that hit me was about the sacrament, tithings and fast offerings, and personal revelation. Overall it was a wonderful spiritual experience and I just loved that whole weekend.

Well now to this week. First of all, I have gained like 15 lbs here for some reason. I never have before, and me being a lanky tall kid, it is weird having that much more weight on you this fast haha. But I guess thats what I get for eating a bunch of rice and carbs all day and not really working out all that much.

This week I also have improved a massive amount in my Spanish ability. I was able to write a whole talk in Spanish for Sacrament Meeting and it was pretty awesome saying things that I never really knew I knew how to say. Our investigators are doing well, our lessons are coming together at times, but we still are far from being great Spanish lesson-givers. Also I was able to listen to a few devotionals only in Spanish without using a translator and being able to understand a big amount of all of it! So exciting! I just can’t wait til I am fully fluent. Which by Christmas is my goal to be fluent!

I was able to go to the temple again today. And I was also able to understand the whole endowment session only in Spanish, so again, being here has increased my ability to understand the conversations. But today was the best session yet, feeling the Spirit stronger than in any other lesson. I was also able to pick up some Spanish scriptures (which I will be using every day so I got myself some nice ones), a Spanish hymn book, and a few things of snacks. So today was a nice P-Day for sure.

Finally in my studies, I haven't read as much in the Libro de Mormón but I was able to read a lot in the English one and have now gotten to Alma 36. So my studies are coming along fairly well and I am so excited to leave here and actually start my full mission in Cusco! I will be leaving Tuesday morning very early but I won’t know exactly when until Monday. But one thing is that I might be able to call someone at the airport, so keep an eye out for a call on Tuesday morning, if I am able to. I have heard rumors I might.

I am doing well still, I miss everyone like crazy and am always praying for you guys! Thanks for all the prayers and love! But this will be the last email here at the CCM, and I won’t be emailing next week since I will be traveling, so look for an email or update the week after this week. Well, have a wonderful week everyone, and remember to do what is right! haha