Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 86 - Time Flies!

Time is flying by!! I can say that this week was probably one of the fastest weeks to have gone by, just getting lost in the work really makes the time go by. But we had an average week for sure, working super hard to see progress and just  serving the people of Puno. 

Well our investigators, Ivan and Marli are still progressing super well, and coming to church too. Ivan is a really cool kid, understanding everything we say and is so prepared to hear the Gospel, and his sister Marli is also doing super well. They are both on track for May 28th, and just getting them ready for that date and they should be all good. We have also been  visiting a lot with the young men of our ward that there are 4 that are going on missions soon. Some should be getting their callings this week and one is leaving next week, so we are super excited to see them working along side us. But we have been focusing more on the less actives this week, trying to find those lost sheep and help rescue them, and help them feel the spirit in their lives again. So we have found a few new less actives, and are just trying to find them during the week to continue visiting them. But really, the work is progressing still, we have found many new people to teach and new less actives, now to just continue what we are doing and see the results in the coming weeks. But we are excited about all of it!!

This week I also was doing a little bit of family history work with the help of the senior missionary couple of the mission when they came to Puno, and I found a lot of names for the temple. Now I am super excited to do more work on our family and find out information, but to take them to the temple too. I sent 110 ordenances to the temple and it was great....cant wait to do more when I get home. Not much else really happened this week, just a normal week of work and studies and just being a missionary. I am enjoying my study of Doctrine and Covenants again, and Im learning a lot of new things about all of that, and its interesting now that I study everything in Spanish. Before hand it was a mix, but now I can understand basically everything. It will be weird to read stuff in English when I get back, but its a blessing now to know fluently another language....itll be nice when I get back. Well, cant wait to talk to you guys on Mothers Day!!
 1. Me, Elder Yepez, and Elder Ludlow

2. Completos.....aka hot dogs.......very rare to have something like here in Puno

 3. Me washing my clothes.....all by hand here.