Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 87 - Mother's Day!

Time is flying like every other week in the mission and Im enjoying every moment of it. Basically just another normal week of work really, but it was a good week of work for Elder Yepez and I.

This week we were happy to continue working hard in this great work of the Lord and help many of God's children come unto him a little more. Good news with Ivan, our wonderful investigator, he is all ready and still progressing toward his baptismal date on May 28th. Honestly, he is one of the many people that the Lord has prepared to listen to the Gospel. He is great, attends church, reads the scriptures, goes to the activities, and also is very involved with all the young men. Just cant wait for the end of the month now to see him enter the covenant of baptism!! His sister hasnt had much time to visit with us, so we are trying to find time to teach her all the lessons, but we will probably wait a little longer for baptism so we can finish up all the stuff. We found this really nice and sweet less active sister that was baptized years ago, and her son is going on the mission soon, but we had a great lesson with her and she ended up coming to church this Sunday too!! We see some good things coming with her, hoping to see her every week at church too. But really, not much else in the work, finding some new people like usual, and just trying to finish the mission off strong!

This week, the 2 zones in Puno had a multi zone conference with our mission President. We went to Chifron, a beach on Lake Titicaca,about an hour away from Puno and spent the whole day there. We had this one activity, capture the flag, but with a twist.....everyone had a disability, or being tied to different people or parts of your body. I got stuck with my hand tied to my ankle and having to play like that......just saying its not very easy. But it was to show us the importance of working together and knowing that we have a Savior to save us from our sins or disabilitiies that we have. Our president also gave us a great talk to overcome temptations and his wife too  gave a wonderful talk to really help us continue to work in the Lord's work. And as a result of being on the beach for so long, I was pretty burnt!! haha

And it was great talking to you guys yesterday and having the opportunity to see what is going on. All you kids are growing up so fast, changes in the family, so many things that have changed since I left, but it seems like everyone is doing great. But now its time to just focus on the mission and continue going strong here in Peru.......but hope you all have a great week!! Love you guys!!

 1. Elder Yepez and I on Cerrito Huajsapata
 2. The dog that followed us all day.

 3. Chifron

 4. Elder Denham, Diaz, Yepez, and I

 5. My companion and I

 6. Me.....obviously

 7. Chifron again

 8. 2 Ex companions, Elder Cacoango and Elder Palacios

9. I went to Juliaca today again and visited my old pensionist