Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 32

Well, not much happened this week honestly for Elder Damazo and I. Honestly just another week of working and trying to get stuff done here in Urcos. But yeah, just working with investigators and trying to progress them to come to church and do all the things to truly know of the Gospel. Also this week, we are trying to focus a lot on finding a lot of less actives. Our directory is small so that shouldn't be a problem, and our area isn't too difficult to navigate in Urcos. But we are working with he members to find more to teach and find the people who haven't come to church in awhile or a long time....haha

Well we are continuing to have our Temple Prep class to prepare all the members who want to come to the temple in July. So we are loving it, though there is only like a few that come each week, we are preparing them to attend the temple in Cochabamba Bolivia. But yeah, just trying to help the branch out here and rescue all the less actives and truly build the church here in the little pueblo of Urcos. Also today we went to Cristo Blanco in Urcos....which there is one that is bigger in Cusco, but we went with a sister from the branch and it was super fun. Sending the pictures after for sure. But yeah it is a giant Christ statue over the whole city and we have always wanted to go and we finally did.

And the announcement that is the biggest and I am so excited about........MAY 18 A MEMBER OF THE FIRST PRESIDENCY IS COMING TO SPEAK TO CUSCO AND I WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND!!!!!!  So either the Prophet Thomas S Monson or Pres Eyring or Pres Uchtdorf will come and speak to us!! I am so excited and cant wait to listen to them or one or maybe more if an apostle comes to speak with him........just soooooo excited....1 MONTH!. And that is about it....not much is happening but working and living the life of a missionary each and every day!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 31 -- First with Elder Damazo

Wow such a busy week here in Urcos and with changes, and everything getting different from the last week. But overall a good week of work and starting things off with Elder Damazo. Well, we had to take Elder Quispe around to a bunch of members here in Urcos and to say goodbye. Many of them were very sad for him to leave, but we had to say goodbye and get going. So we did that all day Tuesday and had a good last day with each other as companions. Then we picked up Elder Damazo and got to work as we returned to Urcos.

Not much actual progress down this week, just a few lessons and seeing some progress in one investigator. She came to church and is enjoying the lessons a lot and we are going to try to put a baptismal date this week for her. So we are hoping the best for her and seeing if she can progress even more in the Gospel. But Elder Damazo and I are working hard to get things done and truly help out the members of Urcos a lot, because there is a lot of work to do. Sometimes it is hard, but it is all worth it in the end for sure. But my comp is pretty cool, still trying to get used to everything and how to work with each other, but I think we will be alright and work hard this transfer. Just trying to keep going and help the area out.

Also we had to help a sister with setting up for a party and so we got to see a little glimpse of a party for a little girl haha. But the clown was soon. And it was just a fun time to hang out for a bit and visit with others and set up appts to come and visit them. But yeah, not much else is going on....just continuing to work and try to get things done to say. Studies of Preach My Gospel and the scriptures are going well too, just tyrying to improve my teaching skills and as always my spanish too. Well that is about it.....until next week!!

Before Elder Quispe left we ate some pizza for his birthday.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 30 - Changes and General Conference

Wow, this week was a very busy week for Elder Quispe and I and just getting to do a lot of cool things all week to end the transfer of week 6. Well, today we know what the changes are and I am staying in Urcos for this next change and going to be with Elder Damazo, who is an elder who has less time than I do. From what I have heard about him from other missionaries, he will be a challenging companion to work with and hard to get things done at times, but I am excited. President Harbertson has put him as my companion to help me and him to grow more as missionaries and see progress in Urcos. It will be hard, but I am willing to try and put everything into this great work of Salvation. Elder Quispe is going to another zone, but will still be in Cusco, just another area as a district leader. I will miss him like crazy and I am so glad that I could call him my companion for these short 6 weeks. He has helped me so much to be able to teach better and be a better missionary overall. But I just thought about it, that all my companions so far have went up to a district leader after me, but we will see what will happen here in the future with Elder Damazo and I.

Well, also this weekend we had the wonderful privilege to listen to all the sessions of General Conference, and it was amazing!! We heard so many wonderful talks from the prophet and all the apostles, and all the wonderful general authorities. I really enjoyed all the sessions and as gringo missionaries, we were able to go to another room and watch it in English, so I could fully grasp all the Gospel topics of Conference. But many topics were talked about, but a few jumped out at me.....especially families, marriages, and enduring to the end by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Saturday, almost all the talks were about strengthening families and creating a strong Gospel centered home. And another thing, that when I get home, the apostles have said that I need to get married quick and create a family centered upon the teachings of the Gospel. So I will try my best AFTER the mission....hahaha. But overall, the talks were amazing and it was the best opportunity to listen and sustain all of our wonderful leaders of the church and I cant wait again until October to listen again!!

Also before we went to Cusco to watch conference, we had the chance to hang out with our little branch of Urcos and have a wonderful branch activity. So the whole branch, a whopping 60 came out for this activity, we all went to Huaraypata, a small little pueblo out of Urcos. And all we did was have a bunch of food so lovingly prepared by all the sisters of the branch and we played a bunch of games to have fun. Volleyball, dodgeball, relay races, and many other fun games. It was a great time to hang out with all the members, friends, and have a good time to celebrate all the Easter week. So we also as the missionaries talked about the new initiative of the church, Because He Lives. To remind all of us the importance of Jesus Christ in all the time we have, not only for Easter or Easter Sunday, but to remember his resurrection and Atonement for all the children of God.  And I am so glad I can testify of the truth and power of the Atonement in our lives, as we can repent and be saved upon the everlasting sacrifice of our Savior. It was a wonderful week to remember the Savior and all he has done for us, but we all need to do this each day, each week, and not just for the convenience of Easter.

Well I hope all have a wonderful week to come, and all had a great time this week with General Conference and the wonderful Easter season! Love you all, until next week!

We got paid last week, but all of it went to paying for the chapel...

David West was in the newspaper. They thought it was funny that he didn't know who Messi is.