Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 3 from the CCM

Hey everyone!

Everything is going so well here at the CCM. Lots of learning this week for sure. We have had so many new Spanish grammar lessons. Most are review for me, but they are still helping me get back into all the Spanish and learn way more. I have actually been able to memorize a few scriptures in Spanish and also the first vision in Spanish, so that is going very well.

Because I have done so well in my class, my afternoon teacher, Hermano del Aguila thought that I should switch over to a whole Latinos district and get a Latino companion, because it would help me so much. I know it will, but I really don't want to be in a whole new district my last two weeks here, and just be totally clueless in most of my classes and Sundays. So I am probably not going to that. I have prayed and fasted about it, and it came to me that I should probably not do it. I just love my district so much.

Elder Larkin and I have also been teaching our investigator lessons, once or twice a day. We have the Restoration lesson down pretty well, but haven't taught the Plan of Salvation or Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons much. We have gotten better at testifying and teaching in Spanish for sure, but for most of the lesson it is still pretty hard to come up with words. We are studying a lot, lots of new vocab and phrases, but just practicing is the best way to do it. We like it, but most of the time it is very stressful.

Also the other night I was able to hear a talk live from one of the members of the Quorum of the Seventy, Hermano Calderon. He gave a wonderful talk on baptism and the firmness of that lesson and just how important it is to our salvation. Also we got a new District Leader, so I am not it anymore. He is a hard worker and I know he will help our district out a lot by setting a good example.

Again, our new roommates who are Latinos are just so funny and so awesome to have in the room. I and my companion have learn so much Spanish just talking with them at night. Both are from Honduras and they just are awesome. They leave next week, so we will get new companions yet again. Another big thing is that our morning teacher Hermano Ruíz is leaving the CCM, so we won't have him anymore. Ruíz is seriously the most caring and kind teacher I have ever had, and he teaches with a special spirit each day. No matter the lesson, he just loves teaching us and just loves what he does. Before every class he greets us all by name and hugs us and says ´´¨le amo´´. He is so short so it is kinda cute, but it is so sad to see such a nice man leave.

Finally I was able to go to the Lima Temple yet again, and do another endowment session. It is just such a blessing to be able to go each week and feel the spirit so strong in the temple, and just perform the Lord's work. I just love going each week and I will miss it when I am in Cusco because they don't have a temple.

But before I go, I want to just thank you all for the wonderful examples all you have been and that I am here now, serving a mission. I just know that what I am teaching is true. I know that the spirit is real and can influence you to what is right. I have felt the power of prayer here more than I have ever. I have prayed here more than ever and it has made me realize that the Lord will answer your prayers. I know it. Before each lesson with an investigator, we will pray and every time we do that, it helps our lesson out so much and the person we are teaching just knows that we are teaching the Lord's word. Thanks for all the prayers also, I have felt them so much. Again, I can't send any pictures here until I am out in the field, so all my pictures with friends and teachers and the temple will have to wait, sorry. Send me pictures for sure, I just love seeing them, makes me happy.

Well, 3 more weeks here and I will head out to Cusco, so wish me luck as I continue this path.

**Turns out Mason could actually send one photo