Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 31 -- First with Elder Damazo

Wow such a busy week here in Urcos and with changes, and everything getting different from the last week. But overall a good week of work and starting things off with Elder Damazo. Well, we had to take Elder Quispe around to a bunch of members here in Urcos and to say goodbye. Many of them were very sad for him to leave, but we had to say goodbye and get going. So we did that all day Tuesday and had a good last day with each other as companions. Then we picked up Elder Damazo and got to work as we returned to Urcos.

Not much actual progress down this week, just a few lessons and seeing some progress in one investigator. She came to church and is enjoying the lessons a lot and we are going to try to put a baptismal date this week for her. So we are hoping the best for her and seeing if she can progress even more in the Gospel. But Elder Damazo and I are working hard to get things done and truly help out the members of Urcos a lot, because there is a lot of work to do. Sometimes it is hard, but it is all worth it in the end for sure. But my comp is pretty cool, still trying to get used to everything and how to work with each other, but I think we will be alright and work hard this transfer. Just trying to keep going and help the area out.

Also we had to help a sister with setting up for a party and so we got to see a little glimpse of a party for a little girl haha. But the clown was soon. And it was just a fun time to hang out for a bit and visit with others and set up appts to come and visit them. But yeah, not much else is going on....just continuing to work and try to get things done to say. Studies of Preach My Gospel and the scriptures are going well too, just tyrying to improve my teaching skills and as always my spanish too. Well that is about it.....until next week!!

Before Elder Quispe left we ate some pizza for his birthday.