Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 96 - More investigators!

Well, like I always say.....just another week of work, with a few interesting things blended in. But just working everyday, having a good time. 

Well this is the first week with our new mission president, President Herrera, and we dont know him very much really. But we did get to have a multi zone mission conference this week to get to know him and his family. Unlike President Harbertson, our new mission president has 2 little girls that are with him here in Cusco. Its a little different with 2 little girls running around during a mission conference, but President Herrera is great. He is very excited to get to work with us and see progress in this mission. He also wants to play sports with the elders and sisters,which is a lot different than Harbertson. haha But Im excited to see what else this mission has in store in this last transfer!

Elder Choque and I are doing well together, working hard. But we have a few people doing pretty well in their progression in the church. Daniel is the son of a recent convert and he is pretty cool, very interested in the message we bring and he wants to come to church. Also wants to get baptized, so we will have to see if he will be ready for August. We also have a couple that are doing well too, Franklin and Hilda, 2 investigators that have a lot of interest but still need to get married. We are working hard with them for a baptismal date in August and help them really understand the importance of the Gospel. Their situation is very confusing at times, but we will have to see yet again what will happen with them this week. 

Some fun stuff that happened was with an activity that the stake had on Saturday. The Stake Relief Society held a festival for typical Peruvian dances. And we brought some investigators and others to watch with us, and they really enjoyed it. In the pictures you will see some of the costumes they used and how they dress up during dances here. Its pretty interesting, not much of that in the states for sure......but we all had a good time! Not much really, just working, having a wonderful time and seeing progress here in Tullumayo!! Love ya guys.....keep it up!!

Multi zone conference, Zones Cusco, Inti Raymi, Tahuantinsuyo, Los Incas, Sicuani, and Quillabamba with President and Hermana Herrera