Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 43 - "Watia"

Well, just another regular week here in Urcos. Not much really happened this week but we had a good time working and getting some work done here to help the branch out.

Last PDay we hung out with the youth and young adults of the ward for an activity. We kinda did a cookout with playing soccer and volleyball, and having a good time. But it is hilarious to play volleyball with a bunch of short Peruvians....they think that it is awesome that I can play so easily haha. And we played a local team here that plays fairly well, but they still couldnt beat my team. Which basically consisted of me and a few members that never play volleyball haha, but we destroyed the other team because of my height advantage! We had a good time with all the youth and we made a local dish here called watia, or basically how they prepare it is.....

1. Make a oven out of rocks and mounds of dirt and heat it up super hot.
2. When the rocks and dirt are super hot and red, put potatoes in the oven.
3. Cover up all the potatoes with the dirt and rocks and let them cook for 30 min.

So basically it is cooked potatoes in the ground, and they are actually pretty good! We will have to try it when I get back! So kinda like an early 4th of July, but we didnt do anything for it. Thats fine, I am in Peru, they dont celebrate it here haha!

Other than that for the week we didnt do anything too interesting. Just working here hard and seeing if we can help the investigators out. Elvis didnt come to church again and wasnt there in his house all week, we we are praying that he can attend and continue to progress toward baptism maybe next month. The family from Lucre werent there either, always working and super hard to find them during the week. So we have people that want to progress just need to complete with the commandments and all that.

But overall this week we got better in working with a few people, and finding new people to teach. Our goal now as missionaries is to find new people to teach and teach them, and receive new references from anyone. So this week we got a lot of references and a lot of new people to teach, so things are doing better in that sense. And to help us this week, all the missionaries of the stake met with the stake president to train us with our ward mission leaders on how to grow in the work of salvation in our stake in Cusco. Just hoping all goes well with all these things to work better with the members and finding news during this time!

Building the watia