Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 42 -- President Uchtdorf Visit

Wow, another week down here in Urcos and another transfer down too! 7 changes now in the mission, and really the time is flying!. Almost at the 10 month mark, before I know it, I will be hitting the 1 year mark and going downhill from there. But I am staying in Urcos for another transfer to finish the training with Elder Palacios! But I love it here, the people, the atmosphere, and all about it.

So this week was an interesting week, full of work, but one event was the best! Cusco had the chance to have a special meeting just for Cusco with PRESIDENT UCHTDORF of the First Presidency of the church!!! So it was soooo amazing to see an apostle of the Lord and listen to his words for Cusco itself. He said a lot of things, so we had the chance to be in the same chapel as him and listen to the words from him, which are words straight from the Lord. You could feel the Spirit there and everyone was so attentive on his words. He spoke a lot about temples because he came straight from the temple dedication of Trujillo Sunday to speak Monday. He told Cusco that we could have a temple here, just we need to keep the commandments, and keep moving along in the missionary work. And if we did that, we could see our very own temple in Cusco and how awesome would that be!! And I think the best part was when he said this phrase, "I know the Lord lives, I KNOW Him." It is so awesome that he KNOWS the Savior because he is an apostle of the Lord, and it was wonderful to have that meeting with him and feel that Spirit that he brings.

Also this week, Elder Palacios and I had the chance to work in a local fair of Cusco, kinda think of your state or county fair and that was what it was like. With booths and exhibits, and food, and rides and all that jazz. But we worked in the booth of the church, all about family history, and to show our work with the Cusco Regional Archive. They work with the members of the church to document government documents, and pictures, and all the things to search for on FamilySearch. So us as missionaries had turns to work there and contact people who want to learn more about family history and get interested in what the church does with Cusco. And it was a success, throughout the afternoon alone we had like 100 names to contact and share more information with them in their homes. So it was a fun time.

And to finish it all, our investigators are doing well. Elvis, who is on track to baptism for the 18th of July, is doing well, We had a good lesson with him, answering questions, and covering doubts he has. A lot on the word of wisdom and why we have that, so we are hoping the best to this. But the only thing is that he didnt attend this week, and he needs to attend 2 more times at least before the baptism. And many others that we have arent progressing as well, needing to attend, or read, or pray and arent doing those things to progress. Also many of them need to be married first, and most people here never get married! Frustrating! But all is well here in Urcos for Elder Palacios and I! Love you guys, have fun in all you do!