Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 83 - Surprise Visitors

Basically just another week, but still a good week with the work and just doing our thing as missionaries. 

Well, that super cool investigator from last week, Marli, who attended conference too, is doing well again!! We taught her and her brother this week and it was a great lesson, and we really feel like they are going to attend and progress. They committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and they both accepted baptism, just not with a date yet. They werent able to attend this week because of elections yesterday, so there werent any church meetings at all. But we are excited about it and so happy to see them progress. Not many others progressing yet, still trying to find a few contacts and referrals, but hoping for the best in this next week.

Like I said, yesterday was election day, and here, you cant have religious meetings during elections. So we didnt have church or any meetings. Everyone has to vote here too, it is mandatory or you have to pay a fine if you dont. But its interesting, a girl might actually win too, but they are going to vote in a second round election in June to decide. 

Oh, but the craziest thing happened this week!!! So, we were walking down the street, just doing our thing and then out of nowhere, Elder Stringham looks at a guy and they start hugging. I was like, does he know this guy, and it turns out that he does. So, it turns out also that a whole school group from Provo came to Peru to visit and just happened to run into the 1 Elder from Provo and knew one of the guys in the group. So there was like 30+ people there and they were so nice, invited us to dinner and everything, and we enjoyed our evening with them. One of the moms talked with Mom over texts and sent her a picture too, so it was a weird moment as a missionary, but fun to hang out with some members from Utah. My companion is good too, it was a very unexpected but happy surprise for him, but he is doing well now. haha 

But a great week overall, just working, and serving the Lord here in Puno! Loving life and enjoying it a lot here! Hope all of you guys have a great week!!