Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 82 - General Conference

Great week of work for Elder Stringham and I, I mean for the days that we had time to. Work is progressing and we are enjoying the time left we have this transfer, just 2 more weeks now to do all we can. 

We enjoyed the wonderful moment of Richard's baptism!! Friday he was baptized by our 1st counselor in the bishopric. He wanted a small baptism, so it was very simple and with a few of the ward leaders and his family, but it was still a powerful experience for all of us! He will be confirmed a member of the church and receive the Holy Ghost the next week, because of conference, but we are so happy for the decision he has made to follow Christ and all of his teachings. And that youll see in the pictures....I ripped my pants too during the prep for the baptism...whoops. Not sure if they can be saved. Enjoy that! haha

Overall the work was good this week. Elder Stringham had to go to Cusco again to do some paperwork for his visa, so I was with the zone leaders for a few days. Still had some fun hanging out with them and getting some work done, but not in my area. We did receive this new reference, Marley, who is awesome!! She listened to the missionaries in Cusco and then went looking for the missionaries here in Puno. She has a lot of desire to come to church, accept the Savior and the Gospel in her life. She came to the Sunday morning session of General Conference too!! So we are happy to see another person come out of nowhere but could progress. 

But the best highlight of the week was General Conference! The opportunity we had to listen to our church leaders, especially our beloved prophet and apostles. It helped me build my testimony on the veracity of having modern day prophets and that they gave us divine direction. I had a lot of talks that I loved, a few in the priesthood session, but I think like most was Elder Holland's closing talk of the conference. That we need to not forget the divine counsels we have received during the conference and to apply those things in life, and that the Lord will bless us profoundly. Ill need to study more of them after I download them or in the Ensign, but it was a great time listening and pondering this weekend. Oh, and 1 of the temples that was announced by President Monson was the 2nd temple to be in Lima!!! That is amazing!! It will be the 2nd city, after Provo, to have 2 temples!! So the members here are excited for another temple to be close to them.

But overall a great week full of learning and working, hoping for another great week this week! Hope all of you also have a great week and enjoy the things you do!! Love ya guys!!

 1-6. Richard's baptism, it was a great experience and so awesome to see him make that covenant with God.

 7. I RIPPED.....MY PANTS!! HAHA Bending down to shut off the baptismal font valve outside, and my pants were a little too tight I guess....haha

 8-9. I found my twin singing during General Conference!! haha