Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 9 -- It's getting real

Holy cow, another week down here in Sicuani!!

Not much happened again this week but it was still a pretty awesome week. To start off, things are getting real here, like being able to actually talk to people and actually hold conversations, it was so awesome! My Spanish is progressing a bunch with Elder Martinez, he is just so helpful with my Spanish and correcting it. I am able to actually talk and give lessons and it is so helpful. I think i can get to my goal of being fluent by Christmas.

Well also this week i was able to climb a super tall mountain and it was so awesome to see the view of Sicuani. The view is just so amazing, probably the highest altitude i have ever been at. I will send pictures after. Also today for Pday we went to a lake in Espinar, which is about 1 hour out. We had a super good time with the zone, doing a scavenger hunt, having a barbecue, and just hanging out. We got stuck at a construction spot for 3 HOURS. So that is why my email is way late. We should've gotten back around 3 but, it took forever.

Well our investigators are doing awesome and progressing fairly well. We are able to have lessons most hours of the day and meet our goals for the week. We are working on an investigator and we are hopefully able to baptize her this month. But she needs to receive a testimony and we need to teach more lessons to her also. Other than that, things are doing really well and we are having a blast with our investigators. Sometimes it is hard and it is really hard on my body too. I got burnt for the first time here, which is surprising, and it just kills because I am always in the sun. I know all this will strengthen me, and it will be hard as always, but i know that the Lord will provide with each day i am here in Peru. Miss everyone so much, and I hope that all is going well in the states. I miss it, but I am here and this is what I am supposed to do. Well, until next week!