Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 22

Hey everyone, just another week down here in the mission and enjoying it a bunch! Not a huge week but some cool stuff and fun stuff happened since last Monday...haha

But just want to let you all know that I will be emailing on Tuesday next week at the same time, because I will be at Machu Picchu all day and wont have dont worry. But yeah I will email then and give you the updates then haha. But yeah this week was great, last Pday we were in Cusco all day and it was fun visiting Plaza de Armas, Cristo Blanco, 12 Angle Rock, and the big mall Real Plaza. Also I got to eat Burger King and have Starbucks again...hahah It was sooo good and I enjoyed it very much. I miss some food from the states but it was a nice taste of Merica!! haha But our time in Cusco was super awesome....seeing a bunch of tourist spots and old ruins cool. But it only lasted so long and we only could do so much but the pictures I hope you guys enjoy.

As my goal was to speak spanish always, I am still continuing with it, I faltered a little in the middle of the week but I am doing my best to only speak in Spanish. It is hard at times but I am starting to literally speak in Spanish and understand basically all that is said. I still need to work on my vocabulary and the words I can use to communicate. I can fairly well but there is always improvement. We also had a zone conference today and that went well witha  lot of instruction for what we need to improve on as a mission and zone. So we talked a lot about contacting families a lot and also about asking for references each lesson and that will help us find people who are truly ready to hear the Gospel. Also a lot about learning English for the latinos and they need to learn at least a little bit each week as we can help them in that learning. But yeah about it for that. Our investigators are not progressing as much as we would want but we have a few that just need to get over fear or just other small problems. Our one 14 year investigator wants to do everything but his parents dont want it for him and he cant progress because we dont have their permission to do stuff like baptism and that jazz. Everyone else is basically contacts we have had and are trying to get things started with them and it is hard. No one is ever home and it is hard to find people when they say they will be there. But that is just how it is going and it stinks. Hoping things can progress more with them.

And that is about it.....not much else that happened, just soooo excited to go to Machu Picchu next week!!! Will definitely send pictures for sure! Well I hope everyone is doing well and you guys have a great week!

Note from blog admin: Mason is next to the "12-sided stone", not just some random rock wall. This wall was build about 1000 years ago. Tourists go to see this thing.