Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 24 -- Headed to new area

Wow,  today is exchanges!!! So we find out who is leaving and who is staying.......and drum roll please.....I AM LEAVING! I am being transferred to Urcos 1, which is in the Inti Raymi zone...which isn't that far from Sicuani. We pass by it when we go to Cusco but yeah only like 1 1/2 hours away. Which is super close for the areas here haha. But yeah, my new companion is a Latino and he is Elder Quispe...don't know him yet but we will get to know each other tomorrow when we leave for our areas. So it is pretty exciting to see my first change to a new area. Sicuani was great and I cant wait to see what is next for me in the mission.

Well this week was packed with cool things going on....many activities to help the missionaries and fortify the ward. First we had a mini CCM activity to give the youth and the young adults the opportunity to see what missionary life is like. So we had many classes, trainings, proselyting, and also just a bunch of activities to mirror mission life. It was a success and we had like 20 youth from our ward we had a blast hanging out with them all weekend. Also the other companionship had a wedding for investigators, baptism, and a reception for the wedding....packed full of stuff to do and seeing them enter in the waters of baptism. But it was so, hanging out with the members, and seeing them accept such a big step in their lives. These people are so faithful and want to do everything possible to follow Christ and it is wonderful. They have so much faith in doing all these things and it was just great to see them get to bond with the ward and do all this stuff. We were so excited for them and seeing more people accept the responsibility to come unto Christ.

Also, again, our numbers weren't that great but we had a lot of other things to do. Sunday we finally found some more people to teach and it was great.....finally more people that can progress in the Gospel. But we will see how that goes soon. But yeah a little bit of a tough week again, but I talked to my district leader and he gave me some great advice to help me. For companionships in the mission it is essential to work together in unity and it was hard for some things with Elder Stradling....but we are good now. Just being open with people will make the difference. Look up Amos 3:3 if you want, that helped me a lot this week. Well that is about it, hope all is well and I will talk to you guys next week.

No-bake cookies. Palomares wrote his name in them.

Elders Palomares and Ticeran (in the middle) have finished the mission and are going home.