Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 81 - Semana Santa

Wow!! I still am baffled of how fast each week goes by here in the mission, I am kinda scared now of how much time is left. But this week was super fun and another testimony builder of why I am here and what is my divine purpose.

Well, this week we were in Semana Santa, or what the Catholics call this really sacred week leading up to Easter yesterday. So all week we were full gear on talking about the Atonement and sharing the new iniciative #Hallelujah. All about Christ, and it was great to help others to understand how Christ died for each of us and then resurrected too, and one day we can too. It made me think and reflect on the things that he has done for me and what I can learn each and every week still in the mission. I am so thankful for what our Savior has done for me and for each of God's children, and now we can be saved and live with our Father in Heaven again one day. Hopefully each and everyone of you guys had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed your moment in remembering Jesus Christ.

Our work this week was very productive, we have so many potentials coming out of nowhere. Lots of new investigators and less actives to visit thanks to the ward and the members. So we are happy to see progress. Richard is on track still to get baptized this Friday and we are so excited to see him be prepared by the Lord and receive a testimony of the church. We also had a great experience with a new investigator, who hasnt talked to the missionaries in 20 years. We got some of our pants hemmed the other week and he told us that he had an impression that he should talk to us and learn more about the Gospel, and I know that the Lord prepared him to listen to the Gospel again. Our lesson was a success and I know that he has some potential and thanks to the Lord for preparing him for us in that specific moment. The work is going great here in Huajsapata!! Loving it!!

Friday were interviews with President Harbertson and his wife, so they came to our rooms this time. Checking out if they are clean......dont worry, it was very clean. But I had a great talk with him, learning about how to improve and enjoy the mission even more. The sad thing is that, we will be getting a new mission president in June, so not much more time with amazing mission presidents. Now we have to make a memory page for them, but it was a nice time being with them and talking about things in the mission. 

And youll see some pictures from last Pday, when we went to some famous ruins around Puno, Sillustani. Basically just a place where they buried the dead in these giant towers of perfectly placed stones, so hopefully you guys enjoy them!! Great week, hope you all had a great week too and can enjoy this update from Elder Shoaf! Love you guys!!

All the pictures are from Sillustani. Really cool to visit, a very famous place around Puno.