Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 93 - A Goddaughter!?

Yet another week down and another week of work gone! But enjoying every moment of being a missionary and having a good time working. 

This week wasnt too exciting really but still seeing progress in our area is our goal. Our attendance really kinda sucked this week in church, it is going down a lot and we arent sure why. All we know right now is that we have to work hard this week and get everyone back on coming to church this Sunday. Judit is doing well still, coming to church, and progressing super well. Her 2 kids, Raul and Luzdith are still doing well also for their baptism July 2nd. We are excited to see them get baptized and they are super excited to do so also. They have their interviews this week and should be all good for July 2nd. We also have another investigator Piter that is sick, he didnt come to church but has a lot of potential to get baptized. We are expecting to put a baptismal date for a date in July, but we will see. Really we are having a hard time with getting new people to teach and seeing new people come to church, so we have lots of work to do this week to see that new progress. 

Also this week we have had a great time working, Elder Estigarribia is a cool guy and we just enjoy every day. But really things are going well for me. After getting the news about Harrison going to Gilbert Arizona on his mission August 2nd, Im so excited!! But it will be sad to not be able to see him before I get home, but that is what the Lord wants and what the Lord needs for me and for him. Thanks everyone for the words of support and comfort, hope you all have a great week!!

 4-5. My ex pension from Puno and her daughter who is my goddaughter! haha Was just born June 13th. 

 1. Cusco at night

 2. We made some great no bake cookies
3. I visited Urcos today after almost a year gone from there.