Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 101 - Final Mission Testimony

1 more week!! Where has the whole 2 years gone by?? I am now in shock to see that I have been in the mission so long, it doesnt seem real. I feel like that the mission is going to just continue right along, but its time to get back. Thanks everyone for all that youve done for me during the mission, all the helpful emails, great advice and encouraging notes during these 2 years. It has helped me grow so much. And today instead of telling all of what happened during the week, this will probably be my last big email because next week Ill be back on Wednesday. So I want to share my testimony of the truthfulness of what I have been doing here in Peru for 2 years. 

Well I have grown so much and my testimony is much stronger, but its all thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. I have grown to know what is truly the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the divine power it has in changing the lives of anyone. I know that through Him we are able to return to our Heavenly Father and live with him once again, but we need to be obedients. I have many faults and errors, but through our Saviors love we can all be forgiven if we choose to follow Him. I also know that Christs church has been restored on the earth and it is guided by a prophet of God and 12 apostles. And I think most of all that I have grown to know and learn more in the mission than anything else is the importance of love. I have grown to love the people of Peru, grown to serve them, and learned to teach them the wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is very hard at times to love others that reject you or say very mean things, but I have learned to love them as the Lord would love them. It is an eternal principle that has helped me so much in these 2 years and I really know that I have done much to help many people in Peru. Well, I will see you all very soon, hope you all have a great week and the Lord blesses each one of you!!