Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 98 - Eight Investigators

I cant even explain how fast this week has went by, crazy!! It was an awesome week and a very busy week too. Full of conferences, meetings, and other things to fill up our agendas for the week. 

First of all, the work is finally picking up! We had a great turn out in church yesterday, 8 investigators came to church!! EIGHT! There was a whole family that came, Monroy Family, and they are progressing well, the only thing is that  they need to get married still. We are working close with them this week to help the dad to receive a sure answer and have the desires to follow Christ. We found a new investigator that I know is going to get baptized, Tomas, and he came to church too. The only thing is that he doesnt read in Spanish but in Quechua yes, so we have to have a translator in our lessons with a member  that knows how to explain Gospel terms to him in Quechua. But he is awesome!! Also another new investigator came to church for the first time, Raquel, who is progressing little by little. She is going through some difficult times, but we will see how she does with some of her compromises this week to see what we need to do to help her. And wait.....there's more!! Also a young boy from a part member family came with his mom yesterday too, she is excited to help him get baptized and come back to church completely. And finally, Franklin and Hilda came to church too, but we are struggling to find out exactly what they need to recognize their answer and have the desires to make covenants with Christ. But needless to say, there are many people starting to progress, thanks to all the blessings from the Lord. Now is the time to work and see what Elder Choque and I can do to help these people come unto Christ this week!

This week was also my first Mission Leader Council, not sure how to say it in English, but in Spanish....Consejo de Lideres. So as a zone leader, all the zone leaders go to the mission home and have a council to receive training from our mission president and learn how to help our zones. Its so great to be able to listen to so many new things and learn things that will help the mission progress.  But we focused on our mission motto to say, Teach repentance and baptize converts. And the promise is that if we do so, we will see the prepared children of God come to us. And we are seeing that promise already come true in this week of work. Great to see lots of old friends in the mission, all the zone leaders from all the mission, and many buds from my group. But all the information we got, we had to give in our montly zone meeting, so I was able to help the missionaries in my zone understand the many promises from President Herrera. 

Well, that was my crazy week! Lots of stuff to do, lots of things to work on and improve too. Elder Choque and I are enjoying working together and having a great time in Tullumayo!! Until next week!!

 1-13. Cristo Blanco, Plaza de Armas, cool cathedral, and Qoricancha

 14.Concilio with Elder Choque

 15/16. All the zone leaders from my group that are going to end the mission, with Pres and Sister Herrera

 17. Elder Cortijo and I

 18. Elder George and I

 19. With Elder Mann

20. Elder Ludlow and I