Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 99 - 40-day Fast

Cant believe that Ill be back sooo soon! The mission has passed by so quickly. But I have grown so much as a missionary and as a person. 

It was great to hear that Harrison is now off on the mission, also Elder Shoaf, 2 now in the world. I know he will be great, and its sad that I wont see him, but he is doing a great work. But really this week for Elder Choque and I was a little hard. We had some great days planned but almost the whole week was full of failed lessons and appointments. But we are still working hard, trying to find new less actives in the ward to visit, finding whoever wants to listen to the Gospel. This week we saw a little bit of progress with Franklin and Hilda, who are still struggling to receive their answer. They came to church, but still trying to find that way to help them to fully receive the Gospel in their lives. 

Also this week, our zone, we all started a 40 day fast or spiritually speaking. To be able to be better missionaries, more obedient, more diligent, and finally have the spirit to be with us during the week and all the things we do. And I know it will help us and the whole zone of missionaries, its somethings that can help a lot. But really, not much of a special week, working hard until the end. But yeah, excited to get back home and see everyone, but Im loving the mission and Cusco to be able to help all the people who live here. Well, hope everyone has a great week!!

 4. Zone Leaders with President and Sister Herrera in the mission home
 1. Qenqo

 2. Did you all know that Jesus is wearing the Peruvian flag? haha

 3. The following are things that you guys would probably like for me to buy for you, let me know what you like. Sweaters, shot glasses, hats, ties, and other stuff.