Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 18 -- Farewell Elder Martinez

Wow, yet another week here down and my 3rd full change in the mission finished!! Crazy how much has happened and I cant wait to see what happens next for sure. So today is exchanges, or when we find out if we leave or if we stay. So I found out that I am going to stay in Vallecito 2 in Sicuani but I am getting a new companion. So Elder Martinez is leaving and I am getting a gringo named Elder Stradling. Don't know him yet but I will let you know how everything goes with the changes this next day or so. Also, the other 2 trainers from our district are leaving and we will be getting a new district leader and basically a new district. So it should be exciting.

Well this week was a great week for Elder Martinez and I!! We had a great week with numbers, lessons, and overall success. But we were able to work with a good amount of investigators and find a lot of new ones too, so we are hoping to be successful with the new investigators. But this week we worked a lot with Janeth and she is the daughter of a recent convert. We are hoping she can progress, we think she can be our next baptism for sure. Also working with her father and her family, they were baptized last year but are kinda inactive, but they have been attending more often and truly are trying to change their ways. They are trying to truly come back to Christ. Finally, we have a sister that is in a part member family, but the only problem she has is that her husband doesn't want to change or get the lessons so she doesn't want to get baptized. We hope that she can change and truly come to know the gospel, just need to get to her husband. That is about it for the investigators, our work is finding families right now to teach and reactivating less actives. But our success will hopefully grow more.

But overall a great week, my studies are going well, a little hard with a companion that just wants a change, so I usually do my own thing when he doesn't. But it is fine, still learning a bunch from the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Reading in the New Testament right now in Matthew so I want to try and finish that to know more about the teachings of Christ way better. Also reading in D&C and trying to understand more of the church history, but it is slowly going and can't wait to be able to just recite scripture knowledge in Spanish haha.

But that is about it, we cant wait to see what happens with new companions and cant wait to have a new experience with the new companion and just grow more in the Gospel. So I will let you all know the first week with a new companion and how everything goes....haha Miss all of you and hope that you all have a great week!!

At a chicken joint with our ward mission leader. It was pretty good.

I'm making the same face as the chicken.

My new nickname is "chicken face" and they're taking it literally.

Jhon with his cousin.