Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 19

Yet another week down here and cant believe all the changes that have happened here this week. First of all, I have been working with my new companion, Elder Stradling all this week and it has been great. He is great, a hard worker and lots of experience in the mission field. He is from Missouri, so he gets some of the stuff the Midwest has to deal with and it is great haha. But overall, he is a great missionary, wants to work, follows the rules, and we are just getting to know each other more this week. Kinda a nerd, but we get along well, just trying to still speak in Spanish each day and not just talk in English because we are gringos. So that is about it with him, just getting used to each others teaching styles and all that. Also we got 2 other new elders in the district and both are ending this transfer, so we hope they will work hard to end the mission. But a lot of changes, just getting used to it all.

Well, this week was alright and just continuing to work with all the things here in Sicuani. Our investigators are doing well, our goal is to find more people this week to teach because we need more people, new investigators. But Janeth is almost to a baptismal date, she just needs to pray about it and receive an answer for herself before that happens. But she is progressing in doing all the stuff, just needs to attend to really progress. Also this week we are trying to search for a lot of less actives and get them back to church. We were able to actually find and teach one family, just hoping that all goes well with them. Other than that, we are trying to just progress with a few other investigators and get people to attend church, that is the biggest and hardest thing to do.

Finally, this next month I get to go to Machu Picchu and see all that stuff, so I am super excited!! I am going on the 16th. Our whole district is going and we should have a great time seeing all the tourist spots and seeing such a beautiful spot. Cant wait to see it all! Other than that, the work is going and continuing and cant wait to see more progress here in the months to come in Sicuani. I could get transferred this change but Elder Stradling ends his mission in April so I could stay with him til then and continue here after. So potentially a long time here in my first area! haha But it is all good, Sicuani is great and I just love working here. Well have a great week everyone!

With Elder Largent

Saying by to my papi Elder Martinez

Elder Mann and Elder Allen

New companion Elder Stradling