Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 17

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Mine wasn't too bad with New Years, almost the same as the United States, waiting for 12am and then fireworks when the time hits. So crazy that it is already 2015!! Like where has the time gone?? But it made me ponder on the times of 2014, and honestly I think I could say that it was the best year of my life. So many things have happened in this past year but I cant wait to see what this year has to offer as I will be in Peru for this entire year. Overall, good transition to 2015.

Well last Pday I went to Cusco to visit some site, shop around at the mall, and visit some investigators of Elder Martinez, but it was super cool and loved it so much. I was able to buy a few ties, a jacket, and especially some American food in Real Plaza. So I ate Papa Johns and also had Starbucks, sooooo good! So excited to have Starbucks again, kinda missed it haha. But we visited Plaza de Armas and I was able to see the historical part of Cusco which is super cool. Then for this Pday, in the morning, Elder Sanchez and Elder Mann, and 2 members and I climbed the giant mountain next to our house. It took forever but the views of the top were amazing and it was the highest altitude I have ever been at in my life. So tired now, but the climb was worth it with the pictures, and then going down there were waterfalls and again the views were breath taking!

Then finally, this week is Week 6 of the change, so we will have companion changes next week, and I think I will get another companion because my training will be over and Elder Martinez has been here for more than 6 months. So I am assuming I will stay in Sicuani again and get another companion, but I will have to see next week. So I will let you know if I change for sure. That is about it, not much happened this week, our numbers were crap again and we are hoping the final week will be a good one. All of our investigators are leaving for vacations, because when school is out, it is out until this March. So probably wont see them for awhile. Well that is it, hope everyone has a great start to 2015 and enjoys their time in the states!