Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 20

Another week, another week gone by super fast and I can't believe the time here. Seriously, the time this week seemed like only 4 days and the days just blur together. People don't understand it really does go by so quick and its true, the mission will fly by! Almost at my 5 month mark. Wow!! But couldn't be more happy to be here and working in this great work!

This week wasn't very exciting either, not much happened and I don't even have pictures that are good to send this week, only like 2. But this week was full of work to do and getting used to the new companion with Elder Stradling. But he is great, loves to work and always wants to get things progressing with the investigators. So we spent a lot of this week really focusing on the investigators and finding new people to teach and new less actives to work with. So I actually contacted like 5 families this week, which is better than every other week in my whole mission. Pretty excited, kinda scary just walking up to strangers walking on the street and saying we are missionaries and want to come by their homes and teach them. haha I would be freaked out though haha. Also we have progressed really well with two investigators and gotten a few new ones this work week too. Janeth is progressing but didn't come to church, but we are certain she can come next week because we have some great support from the members here in picking up investigators for church. But she is reading the scriptures and praying, and has a testimony of the Gospel. We have a baptismal date for the 21st, but she just needs to attend first. Also we have been working with a young man, Eddi, and he is GOLDEN! Really, he is so attentive and knows that these things can change his life and he is attending every week. The only problem is just having permission from his parents for baptism....which is difficult. They are very hard to find with them working all the time, but we are praying he can get to that point soon.

Again, not much happened this week, got to work with my district leader for exchanges this week Elder Ticeran. He is super cool to work with and he taught me a lot of things about the mission that I didn't know about and it was great. Super fun day with him. Also, we ate guinea pig this week and it was DELICIOUS!! You guys need to try it hahaah!! Other than that, nothing else happened and now are just chilling the rest of Pday today. We get to go to Cusco this week for a big multi zone conference, so that will be exciting. Yeah, about it, hope everything is going well back home and all of you are having a great Winter!! haha The snow and cold I am not missing! haha But good luck with everything and hope your week is great too!! Love you guys!!