Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 25 -- First week in Urcos

Hey is good here in the mission and getting interesting with another area now. Still not used to the area and all the stuff but it is super awesome in Urcos. This area is wayyyy different from Sicuani with the members, the church, and the area too. Well basically my area is HUGE....we have to travel a lot to a bunch of pueblos around us so we travel a lot. We probably have a dozen pueblos to visit each week or we will see how I enjoy that haha. Also our church isn't a chapel....we rent out the first and third floor of a building and have our services there...and there aren't many people that attend in our area. We probably have like 30 attendance each way different than Sicuani...but it is fun. Since there is no one really at church that much, the missionaries have to do a lot of give talks, bless and pass the sacrament, and just do most classes too.

Also with being in Urcos, our district of other missionaries is in Cusco, so we travel every week for our district meetings and use a lot of transport money for it too. Yet only an hour away, it isn't fun always traveling and sleeping in another room most nights of the week. We stay the night in Lucre....a tiny town where our branch president lives every Thursday too. So not much fun sometimes. But the area is so cool, the plaza is full of people to contact, the members we have are super cool, but it is just different to be in such a small church area. We have some work to do, not much of it here, but we are trying to keep this area growing and keeping it open, because we have no idea what will happen with the branch, we are working hard.

And finally, Elder Quispe is soooo awesome. He speaks fluent English but he is helping me with Spanish like soo much. We have had so much fun in the past week already and we are so excited to see what we can accomplish this change. Hopefully everything goes well and we get some progress here in Urcos!! Well that is it, talk to you guys next week!!

Hermana Rina and Shiomara -- not happy with me leaving.

Our investigator Erik.

The Peña family

My mamay or pensionista

Elder Allen

Elder Mann

Elder Stradling

Elder Quispe

A huge party thing where they cut down a tree with gifts in it and is interesting.