Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 33

Whooh.....another week down in the good ole sector of Urcos!! haha But it is going well with everything and things are picking up in a sense. Still cant believe how fast the time is going here and how much time I have here in Peru! Almost 8 months now. Wow! But this week, Elder Damazo and I are trying to work a lot on our companionship, we aren't always in agreement with things but he and I are working stuff out to really help our area. Also this week we are focusing a lot on the members of the branch, having Family Home Evenings with many families, and always passing by the families to visit them. So we are trying to do that to really fortify the members here. Our investigators are few and far between but this week we found an amazing family. So basically what happened is that we go to a pueblo with our President of the Branch and he gave us a reference of a family that is soooo ready to hear the Gospel. They told us that they sought advice from our branch president and are willing to change everything in their lives for Christ. And that is exactly what we want to do and help them, so we are hoping for the best.

Also this week, I cut my hair and am trying to do something different than just a buzz every 4 weeks.. So pictures to come. And today Elder Damazo and I are visiting Sicuani and we are going to visit all the members and people here that I worked with in the past. So I am super excited to see people after awhile in Urcos. But everything else is going well, just working hard and doing all I can to help the area, our companionship, and also myself in particular.

Also Mothers Day is in 2 weeks May 10!!! So I can skype you guys and I am super excited to talk to all of you guys and see how things are going. I almost forgot until yesterday someone said, yeah Mothers Day is in 2 weeks and then it clicked in my head. So I am super excited.....let me know when all of you guys can do it and where so I can plan ahead here! Well, until next week!!!

A painting in Urcos

Oops! I ate the Kraps!

Never will I forget the tie that Todd gave me...haha. Never will I trade it!!
I'm trying out something new with my hair. We'll see how it goes.