Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 35 -- Mother's Day Skype

Hey everyone, not too long after I got to talk to most of you guys in Skype yesterday!! haha It was awesome to see all of you guys and see how things are going, and I am missing home like crazy, just know that I miss you guys. The kids have grown up so much already, and seems like life is just rolling on while Im here. But things are going good here, we are entering into week 6 of the transfer and we have no idea what will happen with Urcos. But we are going to work hard this week and see what we can accomplish this week.

Not much really happened this week besides Skyping with you guys and just working as usual, I honestly was just wanting to skype all week and shouldve been more focused during the week. But also that I got SUPER sick this week, and it sucked. It was the worst that I have been in  years, and I just felt horrible. So we were going from Urcos to Cusco for a meeting and out of nowhere, I started to puke like crazy. I got sick on the bus like 4 times, so yeah not fun on a bus either if you were wondering. Then I bought medicine and that came up too after a second, and I just felt horrible for like 3 days. I didnt have much strength to do things, and I just slept most of the day honestly because I felt so bad. But they think that it was food that I ate, some kind of cheese maybe or something wasnt washed right.......but it doesnt matter, I am better now and things are good.

And not much else happened besides getting sick and working after, and just continuing to work. We still dont have any progress with that family in Lucre yet but we will see what happens again this week. No one else is really progressing, but Week 6 we hope will make a change and we will see more time here in Urcos to help out the members and everyone. Well, until Christmas to skype again, but next week for email!!