Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 37 -- First Week Training

Well yet another week flown by here in Urcos and being a missionary!! Cant believe it!! But this week was super awesome with starting the training of a new missionary and help him understand the importance of the mission and the details of each thing. So my companion or (mi hijo) my son, as they say here in the mission when you train is Elder Palacios! Here is a super cool guy and really willing to get things done. He is from Bolivia Santa Cruz, and it is just an awesome time showing him Urcos and the mission life. But we are having a great time already, I really enjoy getting out to work with him and it is great.....just trying to help the good ole branch of Urcos each and every day with the help of my companion.

So that was the fun part of the week, to receive my new companion and get to work in Urcos again haha. Also this week, a member of the branch passed away and he was a member from about 2 years ago.....but he was 88 years old. So we attended his viewing and his funeral to help support the family of the members and the family of this brother are members too. So we spent the day doing was sad, but we know that he is in a better place waiting for his family in the future. So it was a different experience with the funeral than normal.....because here in Peru they do it different. Basically they take the casquet? I dont remember how to spell that. But they take the body by hand or on shoulders and have  abig parade to the cemetery. Kinda like the cars in the states when we go to the cemetery. But we did our best to support the family and support the branch in all we could do. So not much else happened, just super excited to see what is next for Elder Palacios and I, so we will see what we can accomplish this week!!! Well until next week!!

My kid, my son, mi hijo Elder Palacios and me
Views right above Urcos

I wanted to take a picture with some dancer guys for some festivals that are going on right now for the SeƱor de Ccoyollritty! (Catholic saint thing)

Me saying goodbye to Elder Damazo.

Also got to see my daddy Elder Martinez and my other companion Elder Quispe in the terminal