Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 36 -- Getting a Greenie!

Well, this week was kinda crazy and it was very hard in the same time.....but today are transfers!!! And it looks like I am going to stay in Urcos for awhile longer!! But my companion Elder Damazo is leaving the area after only just 1 change together. But he is going to Puno, and he is kinda happy and sad, he doesn't want to leave the area. But one more thing......I am training! So I will receive a new companion that is starting the mission, and I don't know who it is yet but Wednesday I will know. So right now, I am a little confused and not sure what I will do, to have a newbie as a companion. He might be a Latino or Gringo, but we will see! I will let you all know next week!

But this last week of the change had a lot of complications in it, and it was really hard for me to work with my companion at the beginning of the week. So this is what happened, my companion was getting very angry at me and we had some problems here for awhile. So I had to call our Mission President because it was getting that bad, I am not going to tell the details, because all is better now. So we had to talk to President and get things fixed, and we did, we worked really hard at the end of the week and got a lot of things done. So this week it really tested my patience and trying to work with a companion that maybe we don't get along. But don't worry everyone, we are moving along now, and now we are joking around a lot and are having a great time together.

And not much really happened, just working hard in Urcos, and now I will be here for at least 2 more transfers. I really wanted to stay for awhile longer, and now I can see what we can do more to help the branch here and get more progress. And other really awesome news!! The family from Lucre, ALL ATTENDED church yesterday and they loved it!! So we are super excited to see what we can do this week and see them progress toward baptism soon!! So just moving along here in Urcos, lots of changes, but should be awesome in the weeks to come! Until next week!!

Sorry everyone. My adapter for my SD card isn't working for some reason, so I will send all my pictures next week to you don't worry. I will have lots of new pictures next week too. So sorry again, hope you all enjoy my update for the week and have a great week everyone!!