Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 13 -- Christmas Dinner in Cusco

Wow, what a week it was! Loving it more and more here and so excited to get going more in the mission. But overall it was a great first week of the change.

To start off, we had the chance to go back to Cusco on Thursday and Friday. We had a Christmas Dinner for 3 zones, so it was pretty fun. The dinner was amazing and it was great seeing a bunch of friends already. Got to hang out with Elder Kline, who was in my district in the CCM. While we had free time, I got to go to Real Plaza, which is like a modern mall with everything in it, and it was nice to just get a piece of America again. But we got to have a great devotional about Christmas and hear from many missionaries and the president speak. It was a great chance to feel the spirit and learn more and more about the importance of the Savior this Christmas.

Well after that, the next day we stayed in Cusco because we had interviews with the president. While we were getting interviewed, we received some training from the assistants....and it was pretty great training honestly. We learned more about baptismal interviews, companionship inventory, and many more things to better us as missionaries. Overall, great time in Cusco and received some great training and info about many things for this Christmas season.

Finally, about the investigators and my studies. Well, right now my goal is to finish the Book of Mormon by my training, which I am ahead and just finished Helaman, and now in 3 Nephi. So excited, because 3 Nephi is full of stuff about the Savior and I just love to learn more about it. Then our investigators, well first off, Shiomara passed her baptismal interview and we are having her baptism this Saturday!!!! And it is crazy that I get to baptize her and it is just crazy! I am just loving the opportunity though. All of our other investigators are doing great, we are getting lessons pretty easy and our area is doing really well. Can't wait to see who can get baptized next....should be a few.

Well, overall a great week of lessons, investigators, and training for sure....Can't wait to be able to Skype for Christmas and see how everyone is doing next week! Have a great week!