Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 15 -- Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone!! Merry Christmas!! Can't believe that this week is going to be Christmas and that I get to Skype all of you guys.... :)

But my week with Elder Martinez was not very successful honestly but we still had a great time trying our best to work. But our numbers were not good and it sucked honestly when most of our lessons fell through and we ended up just walking around all day. This is definitely not fun. But we did get an investigator to church this week and we got a lot of help from the members to support her and she loved being at church. So we are hoping for this to continue and her to progress. Also I got the chance to work with our district leader Elder Sanchez and he is super cool. We actually had a pretty good day with all the lessons but that was our only day that was good. But love working with other people at times and see how things work and how they teach. So my teaching skills are growing more. Lessons are no problem now, I can basically teach all the lessons pretty well it is just when I have to have conversations with people that is the hard part. But I am working on that and hopefully get better soon.

But right now the weather is SUPER RAINY!!! Seriously it rains every afternoon now and it just sucks to walk in it all day. Our clothes are being soaked every day and it is just wet all the time. Really annoying. But other than that our week was normal, Christmas here is not too big but there are decorations and music, but I really miss all the good food and desserts from the states. What they have here is Paneton.....or a cake like thing with fruit but not like our fruit cake. It is actually super good and it is so popular here. When we have a visit at a house, this whole week we have gotten a piece of Paneton and hot chocolate too, soooooo good! But I can't wait to have Christmas, we are having a gift exchange with our pension and the district so hopefully I can find stuff to buy today.

And finally hope everyone has a great time this Christmas and I can't wait to talk to mom and dad and the family!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

An alpaca hat

The same hat inside-out

Elder Martinez broke the bed

Working in a "chacra" or little field of a member