Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 16 - Monoperu

Wow yet another week here in Sicuani but it was a great week with it being Christmas and being able to have the joy of Christmas around. I was able to Skype the family and it was amazing and so nice to see how everyone is doing. Just made the week so awesome and so worth it all, definitely miss everyone so much and so glad everyone is doing great!

Well our numbers this week honestly sucked because things for Christmas were in the way but we were able to still visit people and help people out. But Christmas Eve was the time in which I skyped all the family, with dad and with mom. So happy to see almost all the family there in both places and seeing the progress of everyone. Wyatt I saw for the first time, and the other growing nieces and nephews! So crazy how big they are all getting. But it seriously was so great talking to everyone and just such a nice break to talk. So now I can't wait until May for Mothers Day!! haha

Well Christmas day was great but it was awesome to visit the family of Shiomara and Jhon and give them a gift as a family. So we gave them a whole chicken, and a Paneton. Which Paneton is huge here, basically a fruit cake but better and they eat it all the holiday season. I like it a lot. But it was great seeing them with their smiles on Christmas. That night before we stayed up all night waiting for Christmas with our Pension and her family, then had a gift exchange too. I was able to get Monoperu! A Peru addition of Monopoly and it is pretty sweet. And when midnight hits, things here get crazy and it is kinda like New Years, with a bunch of fireworks! Crazy! We couldn't sleep even if we wanted to do so, so loud. Honestly but overall, a great Christmas with talking to the family and seeing how things are going, food especially Paneton, and enjoying our time with other people celebrating about Christ. Which is the most important part.

That is about it and cant wait to see what the new year has in store for us, only two weeks left in the change. And today I am in Cusco visiting and seeing what is with everything, so I will update on that next week on how well it went. Well talk to all of you guys next week!