Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 14

Wow another week here in Sicuani!! Pretty good week of work and getting things done and really enjoying my time here. First is that we had a baptism this week!!! So awesome to see Shiomara accept baptism and go through with the whole thing. But it was the most awesome because I got to baptize her! How exciting is that, to be able to help someone enter into such a great covenant with the Lord!

The baptismal service was great with hymns, great talks, and many people came to support her. It was difficult at first because the water was sooooo cold because the heater wasn't working for the font. So we had the baptism in freezing water. But she was very scared at first b/c of the cold, but we eventually helped her in the font and we quickly were able to perform the baptism. But it was so relaxing with the whole thing and I could definitely feel the Spirit in the room. I luckily remembered the prayer in Spanish and everything went well. It is just so crazy that I was able to perform this and be a part in this special moment in her life. Also she has considered me her Godfather, so not too sure what that entails, but we will find out haha

Other than the baptism the week was normal with lessons and work with investigators. The other part is that we had splits with the zone leaders and it was great to work with Elder Jackson. He gave me so much advice and it was so nice to see how others teach and see how things go, so I had a good time with him. And to finish it all off, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!!! I went crazy this week to finish it and it feels so nice to say I did it in another language. And I understand most of the things going on too, so my studies are going real well. Other than that, not much has happened and we are just hoping for the best in the week to come to get more baptismal dates and more lessons with investigators. Well hope everyone does well on finals and does well with preparing for Christmas! Until next week!

Elder Black and Elder Allen

I got to see Elder Kline at the Christmas Dinner. He is from my CCM group.

The primary did an activity where they shined our shoes.

Our wonderful Christmas tree.

Shiomara's family

Cheesing with Shiomara

Crazy kids of the Macedo family

I found this nice dead Alpaca after church

Playing some rope game with some neighbors.