Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 26 -- SIX MONTHS!

6 MONTHS!!!  Wow the time has flown and it has already been 1/4 of my mission!! Times here is just nothing and the days just blur together!. Yet another week here in Urcos, but it is going well with everything. Elder Quispe and I are doing well and having a really good time working together. He is hilarious and we can't wait to see what is next here in the sector. Well this week was filled with random things to talk about, not too much progress with the investigators but we are hoping to see some of them progress in the week to come.

Well last week we had a chance to listen to another member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Uceda. He is the Area President for the South America Northwest area, and so he is in charge of all the members of the countries of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and also Bolivia. So it was awesome to listen to him talk to all the leaders of the area and the missionaries, a big emphasis on temples and going to the temple and having a recommend to go too. Also on the importance of having a ward council and utilizing the missionaries to complete the work in each area of the church. Overall it was great to hear him speak and listen to some great instructions. Also this week, Elder Quispe and I started a Missionary Night to try and motivate the branch to do some more stuff, and it wasn't that bad for the first time trying, but we want to see it improve. Not many people came but we are hoping for it to improve to help the branch here out as much as we can. Also in church, I gave my first talk in Spanish in the sacrament meeting, so that was interesting. Since our branch is so small it is hard to have people for talks all the time, so we as missionaries just have to give a 15 minute talk whenever. So I just talked about prayer and it went well, not any practice before hand, but that is what happens I guess at times.

And the most interesting part is that I got sick the first time in all my mission, and it was horrible. I am pretty sure that I ate a pear that wasn't washed very well, because everything else was fine. So I didn't sleep very well all night and did not keep things in my stomach well.....if you know what I mean. Yeah, it is not fun, especially when you have to keep working while feeling like crap. Well, that is about it for today, not much else happened this week. Just continuing in the work here and hoping the best in the week to come!

A grenadilla. It's a fruit that looks like guts in the middle, but is super delicious. We eat them all the time.