Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 27

Wow.....can't believe it is another week down here in Peru....half way through the change too, so three more weeks left to see what we can get done. But it was an interesting week with work and doing some cool new things. We are trying our best to get things done and help the branch out here but it is hard. The members are not attending and the branch just needs something. We are trying our hardest to help them out and do things to strengthen the area.

But something happened that was very interesting.....Elder Quispe and I almost crashed in a bus. So we were going along and everything was fine but 2 trucks were coming our way trying to pass each other, so our bus driver had to swerve off the road to avoid crashing. So the bus wheels went off the edge and we nearly needless to say it was very scary. But all is fine, we are fine and no one was hurt, just a little freaky. Also this week we went to go pick some corn for a baby shower in the middle of the mountains and it was really fun. The corn here it alll sweet corn, but it is HUGE! Literally like twice as big as the ones in the states. So yeah....and we eat it a lot here. The baby shower was for a member, and we were there for a bit to congratulate her, but yeah missionaries at a baby shower is a little weird, so we left.....after snagging some food. haha Good time to hang out and visit with some of the members to congratulate on a special occasion. Also Elder Quispe and I are continuing our Missionary Nights to help unify the branch again and bring people back. We had like 14 people there, so not a bad show up, but we need more support from the members and the help to strengthen the area more. As always we have the message and some games and finish with the refreshments, just hoping for the better next week.

Well that is about it, we had our zone conference today, so meeting a lot of new missionaries in our area and hanging out with a few older ones. Well, all is well, just hoping the best for Elder Quispe and I and working here in Urcos. Thanks for the updates you guys!! Until next week!

Getting choclo, or corn, from the field.

So I was in our district leader's house, upstairs, and this was on the wall at night...not sure what happened?

The train station in Urcos

Elder Quispe taking selfies

Elder Quispe painted himself with shoe polish for some reason.

You can eat the inside of the stalk. It's very sweet.

Our tiny chapel.


Yheremy, our pensionista's son.