Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 28

Well I just typed all my email and the internet didn't save my whole I have to type all over again.....frustrating. Well, not much happened this week with the work here in Urcos. Just continuing to work in this great work here and try to help the area as much as we can. Well, our attendance this week just randomly spiked it doubled almost. We usually have like 25, like last week we had 24, and this week it jumped up to 42. So definitely a good thing, it was just like each less active and investigators came this week. But we are hoping to see this number stay the same in the weeks to come. We will not be very happy if it drops again down to 20 or so. That is really low for our branch, there used to be like 50 or more each week, so we are trying to raise it up again.

Also with investigators, Lucero, she finally attended church!!!! Granted it was only the first hour and she didn't stay, so we are looking to see if she can attend each week and stay all 3 hours of church. Also we hope to set a baptismal date this week and see her progress even more. She is basically the only investigator we have that could progress or even do anything, but are trying our best to get more. She is reading and praying too, which are essential to have success in the church and progress toward the truth. Also we started Temple Prep classes, to help prepare the members to attend the temple in July. That is the goal....and we are the teachers because we are the ONLY ones in the whole branch to have attended the temple. So Yeah, Elder Quispe and I are just continuing to work here in Urcos.....even though there isn't much to do here, we are continuing each day to work in this great work of the Lord. Well not much else happened, pretty boring week overall, but we got to keep working here and help the members our as much as we can. Well love you guys, talk to you guys next week.

Got to see my "daddy" (trainer) again in Cusco this week

We found this really tiny door. What would anyone use this for?