Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 29

Another week down, and now we are in week 6 of the transfer!! It has flown by with Elder Quispe and I this change in Urcos. The time is not even a thing anymore, just days and more days but then all of a sudden, we have a complete week and it is PDay again!

This week we had the oppurtunity to have Interviews from President Harbertson and they went well. As always with the interview days, we receive a lot of training and information from our leaders. The assistants, zone leaders, and Hermana Harberston. But I was able to talk to President and receive some great counsel from him about how I can improve in my difficult area and to just keep working hard with Elder Quispe. But from what I remember is that we need to really apply the Doctrine of Christ in our daily lives to really see results, to pray for the Spirit each day, and to repent of the things wrong EACH day. We received some great counsel too about contacting families, and asking for references in each contact we have with anyone. But it was a great day to talk and receive some great counsel from our leaders. We also started an iniciative in the church with a video and cards, it is called "Gracias A Que El Vive" or in English it is "Because He Lives". It is a wonderful video and program that is all about the resurrected Christ and thanks to Him we have everything. So it is a great tool we now have to contact people and everyone can know the importance of Jesus Christ in this time of Easter.

Finally, I have been trying to better myself in all aspects of being a missionary this week. Elder Quispe has been giving me some excellent advice about how to improve, so this week, I have been really nailing down the lessons. Because I didnt know them down really really well, so I have improved in my teaching skills, and how to listen. With speaking in Spanish, I still dont understand EVERYTHING, but I need to really focus and try. The faults I have are trying to improve everything and really help the area we are in now out a lot. It is hard, but I know that through the help of the Lord we can do all things. Oh, and Happy Late Birthday MOM!!! Didnt have the chance to until today, hope it went well!! Well love all of you guys and hope all is well!! Until next week.....

Popeye's to celebrate Elder Quispe's birthday

Tres leches cake that we made