Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 38

June!! Where is the time going? Just 1 year ago I graduated and now I have almost 9 months in the mission......seems super fast. But yet another good week of work with my companion Elder Palacios! He is super awesome and really funny at times, and I need that, a funny guy but he wants to work and get things done. So we hit the pavement this week determined to get some progress.

I have heard that some other areas get way more lessons a week than us, so we ended up getting more than my whole time here, with investigators, less actives, and some recent converts too. We are putting emphasis on finding new investigators by contacting families, and asking and receiving references. So we did have a bit of success with references, but we need to improve on contacting random families in the street. But yeah, the work is progressing a little more here, we still need to make a plan with the leaders in the branch in branch council. Which we had for the first time in awhile, it is just sometimes the leaders are inactive and they dont know what to do most of the time, so mroe work. Imagine Sunday too, church starts at 10 but nearly every person comes at 10:15 and we have like 10 people to start sacrament meeting. Let me tell you, Peruvians are soooo late and impunctual! Frustrating at times, but we just try to help them get there early.

Also this week our zone is putting more emphasis on a lot of new forms to track the progress of recent converts and how to help the branch help us. So they are a lot of forms to fill out, but we can see the progress and then make plans to help each person progress to the temple, which is the goal for every person. Other than that, we had a great week of work with getting lessons and finding a few news to teach. And that family from Lucre had a lesson, and they are so ready to get baptized, just need to attend more and then have the lessons that they need. They are having a few problems, so we are trying our best to help them progress!! Cant wait to see.....well that is it....just working hard here in Urcos and getting things done!!