Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 39

Well, yet another week down and again, the time is flying this week as usual! But not too many things happened this week, so I will try my best to make it sound fun.

So, just continuing to work hard this week and continue to see progress in Urcos....but we did see a little bit of progress this week. So we started to really focus on our recent converts and helping a lot of them out to progress once again. So Olga, is a recent convert and is doing wonderful in the church, and now is ready to go to the temple, just needs to wait a little longer to go to the temple for her endowments. But we are teaching her all about family history and she is sooo excited to get started. And our other converts are starting to progress little by little now. Also that we found Lucero after like 2 months away and now are teaching her again.....and she wants to be baptized. So we are preparing her to be baptized in July. So we are hoping for the best with here. But sad news is that the family from Lucre didnt come to church, but we did talk to them and they want to listen and do all the things to be baptized. Just a little hard at times to get to them. But again, just trying to help them with what they need.

And one day, for the whole afternoon we had no power,  so imagine just walking the streets in the middle of the mountains without light for awhile. So basically no one was home, just went to bed early and we had no luck with anyone. So we spent a good while in our rooms with candles and just trying to pass the time without light. So that was fun. Other than that, Elder Palacios and I are just working hard this week again, and trying our best to help our the branch and raise the attendance too. Because this week we had 28, which is nottttt very much. So our goal is really to get people to come to church and see the blessings of attending the church.

Also, I got my package Courtney!! Thanks so much for all the goodies and all the snacks to eat. So I will celebrate my birthday with many goodies and the people here in Peru! Dont worry, I will still work normal on my birthday too....haha But yeah, not just waiting until the 21st for the dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple, and each stake building will have the broadcast of the sessions there. So we need to have a reccomend to enter to watch the sessions.....but it should be awesome! And the 22nd, someone from the First Presidency is coming to Cusco, so we will see a general authority in a few weeks and receive some awesome council!! haha So exciting times!! Until next week!

So we went to our branch presidents house, so I tried on a traditional Cusco hat with a enjoy

My dad Elder Martinez, me, and my son Elder Palacios.....3 generations.

Me with my package!!! Thanks Courtney

....and all the goodies/snacks.

Our pensionista cooking cuy (guinea pig) in her big oven. Enjoy the close up!! haha

Us with our candles without power for awhile.

Just wanted to try on the funny hat at a members house