Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 40 -- 20th Birthday

This week was awesome!! We had some really good success and it really is starting to come together with some things in Urcos! Also I got to spend my 20th birthday here in Peru and being with the wonderful people of Urcos and eating a lot of cake haha. So needless to say, it was an interesting week with things to do.

So this week, our numbers were amazing!! We found more people to teach, we contacted new people, people are coming up to us now asking who we are, and also just having more lessons progress. So it was wonderful! Nilda and Ruben, from Lucre, they all attended again!! They are wanting to be baptized, so now we just need to set a date, and finish up all the lessons with them!! It is awesome to see all the family attend and all are loving it, so they are the best. Also we found a new investigator Elvis, who is a brother of a recent convert, and he attended too! All he said was that he felt peace and tranquility during church and he wants to come back next week, so another person is coming up out of nowhere. And the best part was during church this was Branch Conference, so we had a lot of members of the stake there to help us with attendance, but we jumped up to 60 this week!! From 28 last week to 60, we doubled our attendace! And the better part was that we had 9 investigators in the sacrament meeting!! NINE! That is like super weird, just everyone came this week!! So things are looking up for Urcos right now!! Hoping all can continue to work out and people can progress.....updates on all of them next week.

And also this week, I got to eat a lot of cake for my birthday....acutally 3 cakes I had! haha My branch president and his family made me one and we had a good time at his house....and pictures of cake in my face to come. Also an investigator made me a cake, that was suuuuper good, so more chocolate. And finally we had a cake with our pensionista, but it wasnt any old was Mississippi Mud Cake. So thanks mom for the recipe, we ended up making it and it was the best!! I miss it so much and it was a little taste of home...but all the people here think it is too sweet, but I understand haha. But other than that, my birthday was another day here, working hard and trying to help out Urcos. So yeah Im 20 now and I dont feel any different! haha Well until next week!

First, my companion and I got to kill a chicken with our hands!!! So I grabbed the body and my companion twisted the neck to kill it. So that was interesting!!

The "Mirador" above Urcos.

Elder Shwop! They cant spell my name here.

It is a tradition to bite the cake, but when you do, they shove your face in the cake. So a few shots of me with cake on my face!

Me with all the investigators and members from Lucre.

Sariah, who is a daughter that has mental problems.....she wanted to put a plate on her head haha

So this shrine thing had a bunch of saints and things on it, but then at the bottom.....the pass along cards from our church, from the missionaries ahah

Elder Palacios and I making a cake with our investigator, with all the candles too

Then finally, when we got to eat the Mississippi Mud Cake.....Delicious!!!