Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 41 -- Trujillo Temple Dedication

Well this week was interesting to say the least......lots of things to talk about this week! Well Ill jump right into it with all the wonderful events that happened with everything this week.

Well yesterday was the best, the dedication for the Trujillo Peru Temple! So there were no meetings in the chapels, just in the stake centers, the dedication was broadcasted to each stake center. And it was like we were in the temple, so only members and members with a reccomend were able to enter and see. But it was a wonderful experience, to hear so many wonderful talks and see how a temple is dedicated to be a house of the Lord. So President Uchtdorf was there, with Elder Bednar, and also the Presidency of the Area, so we were able to hear from each of them and receive some great messages on the importance of the temple in our lives. There were 3 sessions, so we were in Cusco the whole day and enjoyed the great time to see the just wishing I could see the dedication of the Indianapolis Temple too, but I will be here.

Also this week we had interviews with President Harbertson, who was visiting each room of the missionaries in all of the mission. So this week, President and his wife, and the assistants were in our room to see how clean it is and if everything is in order, and then we had the interviews and a little bit of training. It was great, our room was clean and we had everything ready for them to come. But I got to talk about Urcos with him and he gave me some excellent advice and council on what I needed to do to see more progress here in the area. And it was great, Hermana Harbertson encouraging us on studying and learning English with our Latino companions. And that was about it, about an hour and they left.

But some other random tid bits, is that I finally got to help an English class in a school here. So it was kinda funny, to hear the language of English here and it wasnt that good anyway. But I am helping each Wednesday to help them with pronunciation and how to do a few things in English.....should be fun haha. And also not much work done this week because we were in Cusco for meetings, and interviews, and the dedication. So we had a solid 2 or so days to work in total in Urcos. But we have someone with a baptism date for July 18!! A new investigator Elvis that attended last week, and attended a baptism for a youth in the branch. So he is awesome and is progressing soooo well!!

But a very eventful week and just hoping to get to work again this week and see more progress for our little branch here! And we get to see President Uchtdorf today at night, we have a devotional with him and we cant wait!! Elder Bednar we have heard might also be with I will let you all know how that goes and what I was able to learn from an apostle of the Lord!! Well until next week!

Baptism of Nefi.....the branch president´s son.

This week was the anniversary of the plaza was packed!!

We were walking and found a donkey just in the street.

Hermana Olga and Hermana Carmen.....2 members of the branch for the dedication.

The District San Jeronimo!!!! 4 Hermanas and 4 Elders