Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 50

Wow, I cant believe how fast things are going here and it is just like everyone says......it flys by, and boy is it flying by. I felt like I just wrote you guys and now it is time again. 

But it was another week of work here in Juliaca and cold again, not too cold like Indiana but it gets cold here. Not much really happened here, just working with the investigators that we have and trying to help them progress. I am still getting to know the area a little more each day, trying to navigate myself from one house to another, more or less, I know where I am going. But little by little. We have a few families that are really cool and progressing, just needing to attend church and see the blessings of the Gospel in their lives. The problem here is that it is like a fair thing where everything is cheaper on Sundays and people sell to make more money, but it sucks for missionaries when people dont want to come to church just for that reason. But we are working hard again here, we hope to see some baptisms this coming month maybe.
Not much really to tell you guys, not much really happened. Just things to do here in Juliaca is very limited and not anything touristy or ruins or anything really, just playing soccer every Pday. I dont mind soccer, but I prefer other sports that the Latin missionaries dont want to play, but oh well. Also here in Juliaca, we dont have a pension for breakfast, so we cook breakfast here. It sounds like we are so privileged here, having someone to cook for us is the best and such a blessing, but I really enjoy cooking in the mornings. Yogurt, cereal, and eggs.....such a surprise haha. 
Also Saturday we had interviews with President Harbertson, so that took up all of our time Saturday. But it was awesome with the training from the assistents, and receiving some great things on how to better as missionaries. We put a lot of things in practices, and that is the way to learn from it all. President was telling me a lot of things on how to have success and how I can continue to enjoy my mission here in Cusco.....but I always love talking with President Harbertson and here what he has to say to help me. So I really enjoyed it all. And that is about it, I hope to have more exciting things to say next week to you guys! Until next week!!
 1. We cook breakfast here, unlike my other sectors where we have a pension each meal, but cooking french toast!

2. My room here, not too big......but it is what we need.

3. Just a few views of what Juliaca is.......a city. From the top of our apartment building.