Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 63

Well this was just another week working hard here in Puno, but we are doing work to get things progressing and trying to see more progress. So this week we have found out some good things, and have seen a lot of amazing blessings come into our area. 

But first with the good news, we have found another investigator that is super prepared and he wants to get baptized. This guys story is super crazy and really awesome though, basically he met the missionaries liek 20 years ago and has been following that feeling for so long. He always had some kind of problem and the Elders always just showed up when he had problems. But long story short, we had another really spiritual lesson and he is super prepared to be baptized and really follow Christ. He came to church and he is now a great potential and help for the ward too. But the bad news is that the lesson we had last week with Grecia, we found out she does not live in our area, it is like the house on the other side of the street, which is the other ward. So we have to pass the reference over to the other Elders. It  isnt bad really, just disappointing that she doesnt live in our area. But we are seeing more people come to church too and more less actives receiving us. We have plans to rescue a few in these next months and hopefully find some news that will progress more also. We are excited to see progress here and are having a good time seeing that. 

We are being taught by our leaders to clean the inner vessal, so that we can help others change their lives too. So that is what Elder Webb and I are trying to do, and trying to help the people in our area to make those changes in their lives and come unto to Christ. I am still working on a lot of things, but we are doing a lot better, trying to clean up the inner vessal still!! haha But really a great week of work and trying to see more work coming along in the good old city of Puno!!