Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 59

Well another week here in Juliaca and I am enjoying every moment of it! This week was full of things to do and things are pushing forward for sure. We are enjoying the work, at times it is slow but we have some progress going. Well this Saturday we have a baptism, Angela, our investigator that has came all these last 3 weeks and wants to be baptized for sure. She is 17 and is really cool, like I said last time she is a reference from the other Elders and really has the desire to change and do all the things of the Gospel. She passed her interview and wants Elder Kline to baptize her, or basically the person who started to teach her at first. And it is fine, we are glad to see her have those desires. Also Arny, Eddy, and Emma are doing well, we finished up the preparation for their interviews and they will have that next week. They are excited and are reading, praying, so things should be fine for their baptism the 7th. 

Also this week is week 6 of the transfer and we arent sure if there will be transfers for Elder Cacoango or I, so we will see next week what will happen. This Sunday, we had a mulit stake conference for our area, or all of Peru and Bolivia watched the same satelite transmission from Salt Lake that spoke directly to our area of the South America. So we heard from Elder Andersen, from the Quorum of the 12, and Elder Soares from the Presidency of the 70, and a few others from our area Presidency. So that was a really nice conference to be guided by our local leaders and receive instruction on what is necessary to do. And also we had an Elders Quorum Activity where we all cooked this super good Ecuatorian dish. Elder Cacoango was the guide on what we needed to do and what are the steps, but it turned out well.....super good. Its called arroz relleno, so maybe Ill have to cook that up when I get back!

Well, just continuing to work here, things are going well. Baptisms are coming around and we are excited to see progress in our area. I cant complain, just trying to work hard and continue with everything!

 1. Goofing around the other Elders room with our sweet new zone soccer jerseys

 2. Elder Cacoango cooking.

 3.Jorge trying to cook haha

 4. Wilber and the others too in the Elders Quorum

5. During the conference we all wore black ties!! Black Tie Sunday!!