Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 71

I think I always start these emails saying how fast the time is going, and I think I am going to do it again, because it is true. This week was just another blur of a week, and we just enjoyed our time and got work done. Every day Elder Stringham and I just looked at eachother and said, "Its Friday, oh its Saturday, what, tomorrow is Pday!" Literally everyday though, it went by so fast this week and every day just blurred together!

As the week goes with work, pretty slow.....but we are trying. Like usual we have a lot of days that people just arent there. But we push through even though it is a little hard sometimes. I loved the lesson we had with Guillermo about the priesthood. Before his baptism, he was very involved in the way to be a priest in the catholic church, and he didnt know that he could receive that authority. So we explained to him all about that and he was soooo excited to find out that he could receive that, and now we are in that process to prepare him to receive that. We have a few progressing investigators, just the problem is getting them to church, so that is our goal to get them to church and help them progress even more in the gospel. But we have potential, just trying to find that success little by little, and we are excited to get more success going. But the work is going alright, we need to work on a lot still and we have made new goals to find more work here in Huajsapata.

Well, also this week I got my packages!! Thanks Courtney for sending a package and it being full of all the goodies, I really enjoyed all of it. I am trying to do my best to ration it for awhile but the best part was the maple extract!! Right after I got that, we made pancakes at my pensions house and made the homemade syrup from the extract......it was sooo good!!! I loved it! We had a good time showing the latinos how we eat in the states, pancakes with syrup and an added bonus....peanut butter! I also got the Anderson Ward´s package too, thank you so much for that too. I really appreciate all the help you guys do for me and all that. I hope you guys have a great week too, and it be filled with joy and good times!! Love ya guys!!!

 1. Visiting an Hermana in Juliaca

 2-3. Converts from Juliaca

 4. BYU in Peru??? haha A school here in Juliaca made by a member

 5. My comp is weird

 6-7. My comp is part of the Stoned Mafia I think

 8. Planning.....turns into eating a bunch of food

 9-11. Packages!!

 12. Me and the Inca again

13. Fireworks in Plaza de Armas