Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 58

Well yet another week flying by and enjoying every moment of it like usual! Well this week was normal, not anything too excited about the work or what happened but Ill tell ya what is going on. Well with our investigators, we now have 4 people on date for baptism. And 1 came out of the blue this week, her name is Angela, she is a friend of a recent convert of the other elders. But she lives in our sector, so the other Elders gave the reference to us and she already had a date for the 31st but she will have to attend next week for sure to be ready for the 31st, but we will see if she is ready for it. But that was exciting to find another person that is progressing. And Arny, Eddy, and Emma are still on track for baptism but we changed the date for the 7th of November because we feel that they will be ready. But they are doing well, just again trying to get them excited about it. And not much else, we are trying to see some others come to progress but not much else is happening with them yet.

Well another fun part about the week was we had a sweet family home evening night with the whole ward and a lot of members came and it turned out well. Elder Kline and I taught all the people how to play Mafia and they really didnt understand much really, but they learned and they really liked it after. It was fun. And Elder Cacoango cooked some sweet arroz con leche.....which I will have to show you guys how to make when I get back home. But we had a good time with the ward and it really helped us to have a good time together. Also this week there was this huge like block party like 4 houses down.....and they make noise when they have parties here too, and they drink like 100 cases of beer too.....so it was interesting needless to say. So what did we do to sleep, we went to the other elders apartment and slept there because it was gonna be bad until really late. So yeah it was pretty interesting with a lot of drunks there. 

And not much really is happening, I am really enjoying my time here......hopefully some baptisms soon and getting more progress here in Juliaca. It is such a blessing to be on a mission and see the blessings of the Lord here. Hope you are all doing well, keep up the wonderful things  you do! Love ya guys, until next week!!