Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 57

Well this week was pretty fun and exciting to work and get things done.  We are still seeing a lit bit of progress with some other members and less actives and investigators. We still have 3 with a baptismal date, but we moved it to the 31st, so they will be ready. Arny, Eddy, and Emma are doing great, they say they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and they are in church every week too. We just need to keep getting them excited about their baptism and help them to feel more comfortable in the ward. Sister Denis is attending church too, we are working to help her to get married first too. Her mom isnt doing well and we are trying to help her mom, and pray for her health too, hoping all goes well with them. And we have seen more people coming up to us, and a cool experience happened. The other elders gave us a reference and we contacted them and then we talked to their neighbors who were outside. And then one day we received a call from a family member of this person who we contacted, and she wants us to teach her daughter and help her. So we go over there and talk to them and it turns out that she is a member that is less active from 5 years ago, and from another area too. And it now truly testifies that the Lord works to find his children and bring them back to know of the truth, it was pretty cool!!

This week we also had a multi zone conference with President Harbertson and his wife, so we had 3 zones, Puno and Juliaca all together. It was a wonderful conference and we were amazed at all the wonderful things that we heard from them. We focused a lot on burying our weapons of rebellion like the Ammonites from the Book of Mormon, and also to  become totally converted to the Lord and never stray from that conversion. Hermana Harbertson talked to us about a painting that is representing the Atonement and it was a really neat talk to hear about how we have the key of the Atonement to free ourselves from our sins. And it is true, I learned a lot  from this conference and I hope to help this work with the councils I received and also help my own person life.

Another fun thing was to have been able to go eat fried trout, which is super popular here and it is amazing!! I love it! We went  twice with members in just this week and it is served with potatoes and chuño....or black potatoes. And I asked for just potatoes and they were nice to have a gringo in their restaurant and hooked me up! haha. Well it was a nice time to try some new things but super delicious!! Well not much else, love  you all, have a great week!!!

 1. Puno, and Lake Titicaca from a super high statue of a condor.

 2. Elder Cacoango and I

 3. Elder Vance, me, Elder Williams, and Elder Belliston.

 4. The stairs we climbed to have that view........lets just say there were a lot.

 5.   Condor statue.

 6.   Going to each fried trout with some members and family members.

 7. Trucha frita, fried trout.

 8. Then we went again to eat fried trout with our pensionista, this is her son Paul.

 9/10. Us eating the super delicious fish!!

11. Me with the fish tail......I didnt eat it. haha