Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 74

Well, this week was a little slow in work. Kinda sucks after having a pretty good week of lessons last week and now, not so much. But dont worry everyone, we are still seeing a little bit of progress with our 2 investigators on track for baptism. Wagner is doing great, coming to church every week, and really taking interest in the Gospel. He is an extended family member of the bishop, so he has a great support system already in line. Just trying to help him understand more because he is only 13 and doesnt understand too much, but such a great kid. Richard is also doing well, progressing also toward his baptism in March, learning a lot, and coming to church too. Not too much other progress, but we are continuing to work hard and try to get more people to teach which is the goal as always. You cant do anything in the missionary work without having someone to teach, which is so true.

Also this week, in Puno, is probably the biggest festivals in all of Peru......so it is crazy right now. It is the Virgen de Candelaria, or basically the Catholic church has made this huge festival and party for a virgen, which is crazy. So every day these last few days, yesterday being the main day, and now today, has been full dances in the streets, cultural things, and many bands playing. It is HUGE!!! Like rediculous, but the Catholics have a strong hold on the hearts of people here. Sad. So not many people have been home lately, because they have been watching all of the dances, not good for us. Good thing is that things are ending these days, so we will be back to normal work. Just look up pictures about it and you will see what I am talking about. 

But, enjoying the mission right now. Things are going well, training with Elder Stringham is great, learning a lot, always room to improve like always. 7 more months really......crazy to think. Loving it, hope you all have a great week this week and all goes well for you guys!!! Love ya!!

1-5. Dances during the Candelaria, the big festival here this week. 

 6. Rainbow!!

 7-9. Puma statue, and the views from it above the city of Puno!

10. Me as a Puno man! haha