Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 69 - Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2016!!!

Really a tough week here in Huajsapata but still having fun being with Elder Stringham and being in training again. Many hard days this week, but trying to not let it get us down. Sometimes we just have those days where we walk a lot, not a bad thing, but it seems like the Lord always gives us something for us to do in those moments. One day we literally went through all our plans and NO ONE was home, really hard, but we took a seat to think about it. Then, just a small whisper came to my head to call a certain less active we havent seen in awhile because she moved to a little town outside of Puno. But when I called, she answered and said that she was home again and will be in Puno again. So the Lord really does help us when we are in need, and he provides a way for us to complete with the work we have to do. It was a great spiritual moment. 

Also this week we found a lot of people who are less actives and with the help of a member we were able to get some lessons set up. It was a great help, he literally just took us all around the ward and we found so many new people to teach, just for this week now. But the work is coming along, it just has those days where things dont go our way, but the Lord provides! Elder Stringham is doing well too, he is taking strides on his teaching skills and his Spanish skills. I love it when he starts to understand more and is more involved in all the things going on, he is a great guy! Such a character, but an guy to be around,

We spent our 2015 to 2016 transfer sleeping.....because as missionaries we still have the same rules like other days. So we had a gift exchange with our pensionista and her family to spend time together for dinner and have  agood time. I gifted a Gokou piggy bank to one of the family members and he LOVED IT! hahaha I got a gift from my companion, Paneton and chocolates!! He already knows what I like! hahaha It was great to spend that time and now be in 2016. Crazy to think that I will be home this year and that all of my things are ending in the mission. But 2015 to now, I have grown so much spiritually and maybe a little bit physically. haha But this year was a growing point and a real spiritual time for me being here in Peru and doing all these things to see growth. So, hoping to finish strong and keep having a great time here in Peru!! Love ya guys, hope you all have a great week!!

 1. Elephant bush

 2. Gift exchange during New Year, I got Paneton and chocolates

 3. My face.....sorry I am so ugly

4. Visiting Juliaca today, seeing my old pensionista and her family